Wayside Cross Ministries

215 E. New York St.
Aurora, IL 60505

Census Tract


Poverty Rate


Median Income


Total Project Cost


State NMTC Financing (IL)


Project Completion

January 2017

Wayside Cross Ministries

Aurora, IL

The Project

UDF provided financing to Wayside Cross Ministries for construction of a four story transitional housing, rescue mission and administrative office facility to be located at 215 E. New York Street, Aurora, Illinois Wayside Cross is a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Its programs include: (i) the Master’s Touch Ministry which is a comprehensive 6-month residential, life transformation ministry for troubled men whose lives are out of control as a result of drugs, alcohol or some other destructive behavior pattern, (ii) the Lifespring Ministry which is a long term transitional living program for homeless women and women with children, who have lost their housing due to addiction, abuse or financial reasons, and (iii) the Urban Youth Ministry which is dedicated to empowering “at-risk” inner city youth, between the ages of 6 and 10, to reach their full God-given potential through focused educational, recreational, athletic, and other spiritual programs.

Project Financing

UDF utilized IL state NMTCs in order to provide Wayside Cross with 2 loans totaling $8,000,000.  These loans incorporate many better-than-market features, including rates more than 50% below market, interest only for the entire term and lower than standard origination fees.

Community Impact

The building is located in a severely distressed census tract with an unemployment rate that is higher than the national average.
Completed in the Fall of 2015 this new 47,000 square foot, four story building replaced the over 100 year-old building that housed the Master’s Touch Ministry at 215 East New York Street in downtown Aurora. This new site has a multitude of features that improve the lives of the residents and staff that dwell there. Highlights of this new building include:


  • Counseling offices provide confidential spaces for one-on-one mentoring
  • Classrooms allow for an environment to promote and foster learning
  • The Learning Center is furnished with materials and space for GED preparation ,computer skills and also for assisting with job searches and training
  • Men’s living quarters provide safe and organized space for sleeping and storage for belongings
  • Dining areas that allows the men to eat together at one time
  • Administrative offices that keep the direction and mission of WCM’s programs moving forward
  • Reception areas provide space for the men in the program to meet and reconcile with family
  • Wellness areas provide health care and fitness to residents and staff to promote overall wellbeing
  • Wayside’s Urban Youth Ministry (UYM) is a Christian ministry dedicated since 1989, to empowering “at-risk” inner city youth between the ages of 6 and 17, to reach their full God-given potential through free programs that focus on discipleship. Partnering with neighborhood churches, schools, community organizations and groups, UYM provides activities that offer alternatives to the negative influences that youth can be confronted with when not having anything positive to do