Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

4720 N Clarendon
Chicago, IL 60640

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The Project

Located on Marine Drive in the Uptown neighborhood, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital (“CLH”) has been a large provider of behavioral health services and care to Chicago’s low income, uninsured and vulnerable populations in the community since 1964.  Considered one of Chicago’s premier behavioral health facilities, CLH is currently licensed to operate 146 inpatient beds. As part of a broad and multiple years-long plan, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital designed a plan to expand its services to include redevelopment of new acquired and existing properties.  UDF’s project involvement was in the overhaul and rebuild of a newly acquired property to retrofit a partially completed building originally designed as an assisted living facility by a previous owner. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital remodeled this building and adjacent properties for use as a child and adolescent inpatient pavilion to include 60 beds and related hospital support services.  The project also incorporated the build-out of approximately 41,000 square feet along with the development of adjacent parcels for parking and green space.  This new building, known as Chicago Lakeshore Hospital Children’s Pavilion allows the hospital to operate at its licensed capacity and serve approximately 1000 additional children per year.

The $9.5 million Children’s Pavilion at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital is a dedicated 60 bed behavioral health hospital for children and adolescents. The hospital offers treatment and care for children and adolescents ranging in age from 3-17 years old. Services include screening, assessment, inpatient treatment and partial hospitalization for children. The Children’s Pavilion provides a secure and structured environment to work through developmental, educational, behavioral, emotional, psychological, social problems, and / or substance abuse. The treatment team works closely with families, schools and appropriate referral sources to meet a child or adolescents needs. 

Project Financing

UDF provided 2 loans that utilized both federal and IL State NMTC to CLH for this project.  The loans included a number of flexible features including an interest rate over 50% below market and interest-only for the 7-year term.

Community Impact

CLH is located in a severely distressed census tract with a 44.2% poverty rate and median family income only 31.4% of the benchmark.  The community has several other markers of severe distress, including being a federally-designated Medically Underserved Area (MUA) and being part of the Lakeside Clarendon TIF District. CLH was the first project funded by the Lakeside Clarendon TIF. The project brought a five story building back into use that had previously sat vacant for eight years and created 75 construction-related jobs and 70 full-time jobs in operations.  It’s creation helped stabilize a portion of the City which beforehand had been reduced to a vacant lot and vacant buildings while helping an at-risk and under-represented group–emotionally disturbed and special needs low-income children and adolescents.

This 60-bed children’s pavilion in the City’s Uptown neighborhood meets the growing need and demand for child and adolescent behavioral healthcare services in Chicago and suburbs.   The Children’s Pavilion enables the hospital to expand the work that is currently provided in existing inpatient units.  At the Children’s Pavilion, adolescent patients are separated by age and gender. There is a dedicated floor for adolescent boys, a dedicated floor for adolescent girls and a dedicated floor for children. This creates a safe and distinct family centric environment to address a variety of psychiatric, behavioral, emotional, and/or substance use issues.

The treatment experience provides our patients with a secure and structured environment to work through developmental, educational, psychological and social problems. The treatment team works closely with families, schools and the appropriate referral sources in meeting the needs of our patients and their families. The services and features of CLH Children’s Pavilion include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy and Activity therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Case management
  • Accredited school program
  • Medication management
  • Inpatient Hospitalization
  • Partial Hospitalization for Children

The Adolescent Intensive Outpatient program continues to be offered at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital’s Outpatient Center located at 850 W. Lawrence.

The Hospital is committed to creating a warm and caring environment where families can be assured they will get the help they need as recovery is an important goal for those receiving treatment.   The environment for care and services is a valuable aspect but what matters even more so is the clinical portion of services and CLH takes pride in the excellence of the professional staff that each day strives to give patients the best possible chance for the positive outcomes from treatment.

The hospital considers itself as part of the economic engine of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood by creating more jobs in the community and revitalizing several area properties as well as meeting the growing need for mental health services as state and local emergency room beds throughout the state are being overwhelmed with people with mental health challenges.